20 Things I missed about British Christmas when I lived in Australia

millie ryan british christmas favourite things list

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go to site I mean you were my home for over four years and let's be real, I loved you. I loved waking up and having cute little independent coffee shops on every corner, I loved being able to start my morning off by a surf and a walk on the beach (or lol more like the idea of it because your girl is the OG lazy gal and would more regularly be found having a lie in and grabbing a bacon egg roll before anything else.) But I've gotta be honest, I bloody hated your festive period.

binaere option I hated that it wasn't cold enough to wear my favourite winter jumpers, I hated that nobody wore ridiculous sequinned numbers to their Christmas parties, I hated that Christmas dinner meant an abundance of chilled seafood (lol aunt Sharon get those Prawns away from me) and I hated that I was the only girl on the hemisphere with an ironic Christmas jumper. I hated makeup sweating off my face in 43 degree heat and I hated that nobody seemed to enjoy watching Love Actually as much as me.

Christmas Sandwiches

opcje binarne czy forex But like lol can we have a hot minute to talk about how good Christmas sandwiches are though? I would literally food porn style perve over the lists comparing all the best ones while I kinda sobbed inside because they were a good 10,000 miles away. This year's supreme for me has to be the M&S Turkey Feast which is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread (I mean yes I'm full aware it involves sliced bread) but anyway, I digress. There is just something super festive, warming and delightful about tucking into a sandwich of roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a pop of mayo, maybe some crispy bacon if we're going all out that just gets me in a super excited YAY I LOVE CHRISTMAS mood, and I've probably had about 57 of them so far this year and do not plan to stop anytime soon #sorrynotsorry.

The John Lewis Ad

watch I mean NGL it was kind of a let down this year and just really weird???? But it's usually such a defining Christmas moment for me that it had to make the list and guys for the record it is 100% not the same watching it on Youtube in a air conditioned building on a 43 degree heat day in sunny Sydney as it is watching it on the TV in your Nan's super festive living room. It's just not.

Cold Weather

vivere con iq option Illaqueare scintillavamo trading binario cos è rugasti sbeccavate? Need I say more? Love it or hate it, Christmas is just NOT the same without that chilly, windy, freezing gem that is our lovely cold weather. You simply don't want to be sweating your face off on Christmas day.

Pigs in Blankets

http://adetacher.com/misroe/jisdr/5998 It turns out that you can buy happiness in the shape of a sausage wrapped in bacon, oh and when it's drizzled with gravy? I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW.

The EAT Christmas Menu

click here So I was a total convert to this menu this year and BLOODY HELL GIMME. Pigs in Blankets burgers, Turkey, Parsnip and Pancetta Hot Pots, Brie Truffle Mac n Cheese, and The Festive Bloomers, I mean god it is literally just full of the tastiest things and I could happily eat it forever tbh.

Mulled Wine

http://brander.fi/?macriot=site-de-rencontre-m%D0%93%C2%A9decine-alternative&be8=94 I am V sorry to tell you about this guys, but Mulled wine is not a thing in other parts of the world. I know, I mean it was a bit of a traumatic awakening for me too, but I mean god I don't know what it is about wine that has been flavoured with spices, fruit and some bloody cinnamon that makes it Christmas in a slow cooker but it just sums up festive cheer for me and there's no better feeling than strolling into your local old pub and ordering a glass of it. It's just the most warming and yummiest festive treat.

Setting the Christmas pudding on fire

go to link Lol so it can't only be my family that actually hates the taste of Christmas pudding and only gets pure enjoyment from setting it on fire? Nope? Just us? K I don't come from a family of arsonists, I promise. It's a fun tradition guys, and NOBODY ELSE DOES IT.

Lots of Baileys

click here Dear Baileys, I love you. I am literally that GIF of Daisy in Spaced drinking Baileys out of a yard glass on Christmas day because it's just SO DAMN GOOD. Again the hot weather in Australia never made me crave the stuff quite as much, on a 40 degree day it's all about the chilled wine and ice cold beers and I'm so happy to be loving the cold weather Christmas again so I can lap up the Baileys.

Roast Dinners

So Christmas dinners in Australia kind of look like a really fancy BBQ. Think trays on prawns on ice, really fancy grilled seafood, sexy BBQ food and bloody nice salads. And as much as I love all this stuff... GIMME A ROAST. I mean again the heat kind of makes a roast dinner the last thing that you would want, so I am HYPED for my first Christmas roast in 4 years and it's gonna be lit.

The Oxford Street Lights

I'm totally that lame person who goes into Oxford Street especially to see the lights being turned on and it's the BEST. I get excited about what celebrity is doing it this year, I wear my most festive outfit, and there's something about walking the streets of a busy Oxford street, looking up at lights and listening to my fave Christmas playlist that just gets me ready for Christmas.

Having a real tree

So yes, pines are annoying AF and they get EVERYWHERE. But guys real trees are where it's at. I love walking into my flat and having it smell of pine, I love watering it and looking after it, watching it change as the festive period ends and they're just so much NICER than the fake ones. But yup good luck keeping it alive in Australian 40 degree heat guys, good luck with that.

Advent Calendars

Lol yep another one where I complain about the heat, but like Advent calendars just aren't as much fun when you open every door to find a melting pot of chocolate ready to pour all over you. Also PSA Australian chocolate is the worst, it's just the worst. British chocolate all the way.

Terrible Christmas movies being on the telly

God I can't even sum up how much love I have in my heart for bad Christmas movies. And again, Aussies just don't get into the festive mood as much as us Brits and they're just not really a thing?? It made me V sad and hence why I am watching all of the Netflix Christmas movies at least 52 times this month.

Brussel Sprouts with EVERYTHING

So they're not in season in the summer months in Australia and so they're just not a thing, and GOD I LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS. Gonna have to have some recipes up for you guys soon, because they're seriously my fave and just the best.

Christmas specials of our fave shows

I seriously go back through Netflix and watch the Christmas specials of all my fave shows every damn year, and it's SUCH a fun thing to do. I mean we all need to see the Friends Christmas episodes at least 5423 times in our lifetime right?

Winter Wonderland / local Christmas pop ups

Again, not a thing in other parts of the world and I kinda wanna cry about it for approximately 5654 hours because their lives must be so empty. I've always adored Winter Wonderland but I've also been so, so happy to see so many alternatives popping up this year like Winterville in Clapham. They're a great way to have a night out that's out of the ordinary, see some Christmas markets, try some pop up bars that are a bit different from your local pub and just get into the festive spirit.

Eating Christmas dinner leftovers for approx 56487968 days

I mean I could honestly eat a roast for every day of my life and be happy as Larry, but there's something about Christmas leftovers which just makes them buone strategie opzioni digitali extra good? I love eating Turkey sandwiches all week, I love surviving on cheeses, chutneys and good breads for the days to follow and I love losing myself down a Quality Street hole for the whole damn season.

All of the Paperchase Christmas decor

GOD Paperchase I love ya. They just kill the Christmas decor every year and have made sure that this Christmas I've had the most stylin' tree and blog props for my Christmas content.

Christmas Jumper day

It kinda breaks my heart that it's not a thing outside of England, I feel like ever since our fave Bridget Jones moment with the dodgy jumpers, I've been a total lover of them and revel in finding the grossest, most cringe worthy ones that I can. This year I settled on about three beauties and I've been wearing them as much as possible all month!

Prosecco, all of the Prosecco.

I want to cry when I think about the fact that Australia doesn't have Prosecco, I mean yes they have Sparkling wine but we all know I'm as basic as they come and there is something about Prosecco that is so unique to basic bitch culture of the UK and I'm 100% all about it. Christmas is my time to pour it and not stop pouring it so on Christmas day if you need me I will most likely be lying on the floor pouring Prosecco into my mouth.


I hope you all have the very best Christmas season. What are your favourite things about a British Christmas?
millie ryan british christmas favourite things list