4 Millenial Pink Home Editions I’m All About

http://winevault.ca/?perex=opzioni-binarie-su-indici OH HI GUYS.

http://irvat.org/index.php?option=com_content What's that you say? A blogger talking about homewares? What's more, Millenial Pink homewares? I know right? Shocking. Groundbreaking. GENERATION DEFINING STUFF. Do I get a trip to The Maldives yet?

http://nottsbushido.co.uk/hotstore/Hotsale-20150822-30323.html But like really, I just kinda had to, because my bedroom is looking like a millennial pink and white dream right now and I'm honestly all about it.

http://www.techhelpnumbers.com/font/3210 When I moved out I knew that I wanted to have a whole lot of pastels in my home, there's something about a white theme with light pastel colours that just seems so fresh, and millenial pink is just such a NICE colour to add to any room. I feel like it instantly lifts the mood, and just makes everything look a little bit more inviting?

http://uetd-hessen.de/?deuir=wassermann-partnersuche&f9f=f4 I have to say that when I first started blogging, I honestly never thought I would get so into homewares, but discovering blogs like Kate La Vie, Apartment No 4 and Fashion For Lunch have got me SO into home decor and I mean it's no secret I'm a massive Pinterest whore so doing up my room with little touches that just feel oh so very Millie Ryan has been a right old treat.

quiero conocer gente en puerto rico It's still early days and I still have so many updates that I want to make. I want to fix up the wardrobe that we got with our place, as it's currently got the most questionable of lighthouse printed wallpaper on, I want to find some new curtains that actually suit my decor choice, add some greenery, and I do want to upgrade my bedside table to something that feels a little bit more http://joetom.org/masljana/2123 me.

trouver le garcon cherche son nom So the full on youtuber style ROOM TOUR will have to wait for now, until I'm in a place where I'm actually happy with the way that all aspects of the room are looking. But for now, here's some little editions that have really brightened up my room with some much needed blogger vibes.

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So the Crosley Cruiser has been on my list for oh so bloody long. And as soon as I moved in and got excited about staying in England permanently, I started to build up my collection again. So it's obviously a slow process and I'm still in the early stages (we're talking Fleetwood Mac, Prince and some good old Bowie) , but building it up from scratch has been SO unbelievably fun and as soon as I started looking at record players, I simply knew it was going to be the Crosley Cruiser for the following reasons.

source Portability - I love that I can simply pick it up and plug in it, they're so lightweight, no speakers involved, it's a plug and go Vinyl player which seeing as I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to tech is a +++.

https://dunkl.co.at/deposti/350 It Looks Babin' -  I just am completely obsessed with the look of these. This one is the pebble pink limited edition, which I believe is exclusive to Urban Outfitters, however I'm sure you can still get a load of other colours on other retailers such as Amazon. I just love how minimal they are. Record players can be pretty hefty and chunky things so it was such a relief to find one that's so minimal and chic.
























H+M Home is always one of my favourite places to stop off at when I'm in central London. I've always been so impressed with the quality of their products for the price, and all the home editions I've made to my apartment from there, I've always been super happy with. THEY EVEN SELL ONLINE NOW, which y'know is totally dangerous for me.

I actually had to wait for years to try H+M Home as sadly they didn't start stocking the range in Australia until early 2016, so that means I'm kinda still excited about it and raving about how good it is. #sorrynotsorry

Their throws, blankets and general bedware are always something I've been super impressed by, they've got such a great range of textiles, colours, fabrics and looks to suit any room, and they're all way more affordable than you would expect. This pink and white little number is super soft, and makes an excellent addition to any white themed room, although I can also see it complimenting other neutral colours just as well, such as a navy blue or solid grey. For £24.99 it's probably one of the most affordable and excellent pieces I've added to my apartment so far.


There was a time when I would have thought that trinket trays were ridiculous little things, just cluttering up the space, that time has long since passed.

I just think they make such nice little editions to your bedside table, lounge table, chest of drawers, or just anywhere really. They're a great place to store little things that you still want to keep out for convenience sake, with the added benefit of making your space not look cluttered.

They also seem to having SUCH a moment at all my favourite homeware haunts at current, so I've been seeing some super cute ones at Oliver Bonas, H+M Home, West Elm and Urban Outfitters. This particular one is from H+M Home, unfortunately I can't seem to locate this one online, but I've found a bunch of similar ones that are JUST as cute.


So this was actually a total last minute impulse buy whilst on my weekly shop, but I've been totally obsessed with this little guy. I really wouldn't have thought that Sainsburys would have had such a great selection of affordable succulents, and mind you in the cutest little pots, but turns out that they do!

I am the worst when it comes to plants, like seriously, I can bake, I can organise, I can tidy, I'm basically a domestic goddess in the body of a 25 year old, but I have no green thumb. So this little guy was my first project before I moved onto larger ones, and I mean he's still sort of alive so I'm doing ok right?
























I'd love to know what homewares you guys have been picking up lately, we're still in the early stages of decorating our little home, so I'm always on the hunt for new pieces to up our style game when it comes to interiors.

If you want to see what other stuff I'm loving, don't forget to come and give me a follow on go site Pinterest, as I'm always pinning away, with about 15 boards dedicated to interiors!