4 Things I Want To Achieve This Summer



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geld mit binären optionen verdienen Okay so I feel like the year started, I blinked, and now it's halfway through June and I'm really not sure how that happened. I mean let's be honest it's been a pretty full on year over at Millie Ryan HQ (which if you're wondering is what I call my workspace when I'm sat in PJs, eating Dominos and living the high life of a fashion / lifestyle blogger. I've moved across the world, I've discovered a new career, I've fallen in love, I've learnt more about healthy relationships than I have in the past 25 years and I have just learnt so much about myself in this time. Periods of change like this I feel are great for a good old bit of self discovery, they're a great time to take stock, reflect, and think about what is really important to us.

source url Well I DID think that anyway until I stumbled across the list of resolutions I made at New Years and instantly realised that YUP YOU GUESSED IT - I've done nada, zilch and basically nothing that was on the list.

http://www.ecoshelta.com/?kampys=auto-opzioni-binarie-forum&450=6f Now of course I know that putting so much weight on new years resolutions is a tad silly - I mean why exactly do we NEED a specific date to decide to change our lives? SPOILER ALERT - we don't. You can choose to change your bad habits, give yourself goals to work towards and really do whatever the hell you want any day of the damn year. So seeing as the start of 2017 has appeared to run at full speed away from me, I've chosen four things I really want to work on and achieve by the end of the summer.

Read More Books

http://curemito.org/estorke/5147 So in case you didn't know your main gal is pretty much the biggest bookworm this side of the Thames. My dream day would literally be just getting lost in the Charing Cross road Foyles and browsing, reading and getting inspired by everything in there. I used to go through a book a week easily without fail, but with grown up life, full time jobs and everything that goes along with it, I've fallen out of my healthiest habit that brought me so much happiness and I'm a bit gutted. Following awesome book bloggers such as Grace of  follow http://almostamazinggrace.com/ has gotten me all inspired again and I'm going to get reading as a regular habit again.

follow url I've gotta admit I've never been one for being able to read on the tube, something about sweaty bankers being crammed into my armpits stops me being able to totally focus  on the content I'm consuming. So something I've found that works beautifully is working it into my evening routine, I've been switching off all devices about 45 mins before I nod off for the day and just getting stuck into a book. Not only is it a GREAT escape for someone that sits at a desk all day, but it's a fab way of making sure I'm getting good quality sleep, naturally tiring my eyes out for the day.

Learning How To Use My Camera on Manual

servicio de citas en los angeles So this is something that has literally been on my list forever. Despite knowing an OK amount about lenses and how to edit photos, I no literally NOTHING about using my trusty old DSLR on the manual setting. I know that using manual settings are the key to getting your camera to do what you want, and so it's something I really want to get on ASAP. Luckily my babe of a friend follow link Kaye (who also took these FAB photos) has offered to show me the basics and I am so excited to up my photography game and get creating some awesome content for you guys. Oh and if any of you babes need outfit photos, I highly recommend her - she's a bloody talent.

Indulge in Self Care

here So as someone that has battled mental health issues pretty much for as long as I can remember, I now can look back, reflect and recognise the part that self care plays in my life. I think self care means something different for everyone, for me it's a night in alone, having a face mask, a glass of wine, a takeaway, and Netflix binging. I feel like it's SO easy to get so busy in our day to day and forget to look after ourselves properly. Whenever I give myself a good few hours of luxurious skincare, a lush bath bomb and a decent plate of Pad Thai I instantly feel more relaxed in all other aspects of my life. I can focus on my work more, I can put more into my day job, I can have the energy to tidy and go to the gym and not feel constantly drained. It's just become such a treat as of late, and I really want to work it into my weekly routine because I think it really does make all the difference.

Listen To My Body's Warning Signs

Ah I remember the days when I could smash a whole Dominos before going on a wild uni night out and come home to a box full of chicken nuggets and chips and somehow still stay a size 8 and feel right as rain the next day. Yup unfortunately those days are gone. A hangover now leaves me suffering in bed for 2 days hoping someone will shoot me, and eating a Dominos now makes me gain 564387 pounds and feel gross and bloated and not able to do anything and have weird smelling farts for the rest of the week.

Don't get me wrong - the transition has definitely not been all bad, it's now a plus that I love cooking as much as I do because people totally want me at their dinner parties. I've never been a club gal and I've always loved nights in at home by myself, the fab thing is - it's now just socially acceptable. But something I have learnt is to listen to my body's warning signs when it comes to how I feel. A few cheeky beers on a Friday night will make me bloated as hell and weigh 5 pounds heavier on Monday morning. A takeaway will mean that I'm lothargic as hell for the next few days and that 3pm sugar high that a bar of galaxy gives me will leave me in a crash that makes me want to nap the second I get in from work. I am what I eat, and I've grown to love just how incredible it feels to eat healthily and love my body.


I feel like I've had the longest case of writer's block that anyone has ever faced. I've got approximately 52 moleskins filled with journal entries since I was a teen, I've got a whole book full of plot ideas, I've got a whole Pinterest board of finding inspiration for writing your novel, and so many good quotes about writing bookmarked to my Chrome. So this summer, probably more than anything, I just want to write. I know I have a novel in me (maybe more!?) and I really just can't wait for it to look a bit more substantial and actually get that pen to paper.