48 Hours in South Devon

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watch Sometimes you need to get away.

http://bestff.net/partners/connective-home-loans-smart-options/?collcc=3293304426 I don’t quite know what it is about getting on a coach at London Victoria and watching the city lights slowly blur behind you, while you head off into the greenery on the google maps tracker on your phone. But it feels exhilarating somehow.

http://joetom.org/masljana/4987 I feel like one of those rare breeds of people who actually grew up in London. I learnt to ride my bike on the council estate of the two bedroom flat I grew up in, I used to buy a hot chocolate from Cafe Nero and keep holding the cup hours after it had finished and tell everyone it was actually a Hazelnut latte because I was obviously super cool and hard and of course drank coffee already in year 9. But as much as I love the blur of London, I love how rude everyone is to everyone, I love that we are happy as Larry about spending £3.30 on a latte at Starbucks 7 days a week, but turn our nose up at the £50 yearly TV license fee. Most of all I love the haze that you enter when you charge through the streets with purpose. I’ve gottta admit – I don’t see London being my forever.


enter I feel like I’m a city girl that was meant to be a seaside girl. I can’t wait to leave the city, get a little house on the coast and just have life at a slower pace. As much as I love London – there’s something about escaping to the coast that just feels so right for me.

dates die kein geld kosten I love Devon – sit me in a little seaside town with decent fish and chips, good cider and pastel coloured houses any day and I’ll be the happiest gal around. The bestie and I ventured off to the little seaside town of Brixham, it’s right on the beach, full of old seaside pastimes like crab fishing, bloody beautiful walks and just generally feeling like you’re living inside an Agatha Christie novel (and as a hardcore literary geek, I am all about that life.)

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follow url So like with all cute-sy little tourist spots, you’ve got some really good options, in the end we opted for the loveliest little B&B called enter The Westbury Guesthouse . I personally love B&Bs when going to little towns like this, the locals are always the best ones to tell you about the good places to grab food and decent beers, the good walks and hikes around town and the dos and don’ts of the place. This place is no exception, run by the cutest little Scottish couple with a whole heap of tips and helpful pointers. Also the breakfast was TO DIE FOR and genuinely one of the best fry ups I have ever had, with a whole heap of healthier options too – but when this gal is hungover she needs all of the bacon and fried bread you can offer her.


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zyprexa 2.5 mg forum So it’s pretty obvious that a fry up wasn’t going to be the end of it because er DUH I LIKE FOOD. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen several of the delightful little food samplings I took over the weekend. Some of the best just have to be mentioned though. Montpellier Brixham have without a doubt given me the best scones I have ever had the chance to devour, and yes I mean DEVOUR in all senses of the word. They were the fluffiest ones you can imagine and heaped with clotted cream and jam an alltogether amazing experience with some of the best service around.

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where to buy genuine hoodia gordonii Brixham is full enough of the most amazing little seaside walks, you can find. Country pubs, coastal walks that you seriously just wanna get lost on and oh god SO MANY GOOD OUTFIT POST LOCATIONS. Ultimately it’s an R&R location, and yes while we maaaaay have ended up in the local wetherspoons and ended the night in a countryside dive bar called ‘Crazy Jacks’ (countryside peeps are big drinkers aren’t they?) it ultimately wasn’t a ‘DO THIS THING’ holiday for me. It was about chillin out, and appreciating the slower things in life. It’s something us Londoners don’t do nearly enough.