Current Makeup Bag Staples

enter I was meant to write this post up last week, but  of course the never ending pattern of eating junk food caught up with my skin and I was caught under a mound of takeaway food, cake and in the midst of a pinterest binge. So here I am sat, with a belly full of pasta, last nights bottomless prosecco making itself dangerously known and in the midst of a Netflix binge, is it Netflix and chill when your boyfriend lives in Australia and you do it together? I don’t know.

orange is the new black do piper and alex hook up Seems a pretty great time as any to talk about some of my current make-up bag faves, right? So here goes. Here’s a handful of products I’ve been addicted to in the past couple of weeks – a couple of new love of my life products, and a couple of old faves that I’m still raving about over and over again because why the bloody hell not.

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opcje binarne zagrożenia JOSIE MARAN VIBRANCY FOUNDATION 

go site So any Argan oil lovers out there will already be well aware of Josie Maran (aka the goddess who has saved my dry ass skin.) I’m a massive fan of her beauty ranges, and I just always find they agree with my skin really well.) As soon as this foundation was released I was super duper excited about it, and also kinda wowed as my gals with both oily and dry skin BOTH seemed to be loving it! This like never ever happens, amirite? This applies beautifully and anytime I’m having a hungover, my skin needs serious coverage day it’s my go to. I just feel like I radiate the J Lo Glow every time it’s on my face. BARE MINERALS SERUM CONCEALER 

site de rencontre serieux suisse When it comes to concealer, I feel like it’s near impossible to find one that has decent coverage, but also doesn’t dry me out so much I feel like my eye bags look like dry, puffy skeletons. But boy oh boy does this one do the job. The consistency is slightly thicker, meaning you really put that bad boy of a beauty blender to work, but it’s an amazing little product I literally can’t get enough of. It makes my skin look less hungover, less dry, and just really does the trick.

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rencontre f reims NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAMS

A few months ago I treated myself to The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream vault and bloody hell it was the best decision I have ever made. I am so obsessed with the formulas of these little things, they’re basically all I wear at the moment. They’re the most effortless liquid lipstick to wear, as they don’t dry down completely, so you don’t have to worry about them settling into lines and bleeding out. They’re just a really effortless, moisture rich formula that totally agrees with my lips.

٠ي نهاية اليوم إ؎ارات الخيارات الثنا؊ية KAT VON D SHADE AND LIGHT CONTOUR PALETTE

So yes Kat Von D products are so pricey that I may struggle to afford to eat anything that is not beans on toast and super noodles for the rest of the month (sorry future hungry Millie.) But you know what? They’re damn worth it. The contour palette is just so dreamy, I originally really didn’t think that all the shades in this would get used, and I totally didn’t think I’d fall as madly as I did for it. The cool toned brown shades work amazingly for any skin tone and it really is one that’s super versatile for any gal. It also helps my face look like I actually have cheek bones and less like a potato – so you know that’s always good.

Millie x