A Handful of My Current Beauty Favourites

follow link So let's be real for a quick hot minute here - I feel like even saying the words "Hey you know what helps my bad Mental Health days? MAKEUP" makes certain people reading this post raise eyebrows x 100000 until they look like I did at school back in 2006 when I got way too carried away with a pair of Tweezers (and nope none of those photos will ever grace this blog - Just because.)

http://talkinginthedark.com/events/category/news/ But when Depression rears it's ugly head to be like HEY BITCH REMEMBER ME? My self care routine becomes so incredibly important at getting me into the good old space. Yknow the headspace where I actually like myself and think "Hey Mils, you're actually doing okay at this whole Life thing."

http://www.segway.fi/?kastoto=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-broker-vergleich-2016&858=ba And call it shallow, call it whatever you want really.. but putting a concealer that hides the crazy  tote bags under my eyes and drawing a winged line that's sharper than any knife should legally be allowed to be, it makes me feel damn good about myself.

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http://www.shyamtelecom.com/?siterko=corsi-di-treding-on-line&288=21 So here are just a few of the bits that have been dragging me out of bed, got me looking fierce and slaying that life game day after day.


enter site So admitting it is the first step. HI MY NAME IS MILLIE AND I HAVE AN ADDICTION TO LUXURY BASE PRODUCTS. Okay it felt good to say that, but yeah the sad truth about the above is that I'm just not on the salary to be able to afford this problem. But Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is just such a gem of a foundation. Now you know, due to the lovely beast that is Acne, I'm usually full coverage foundation or gtfo, but Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is an exception I'll always be happy to make. It's around a light - medium coverage and just gives the most dewy, natural looking glow that I can't even express my love for it in words (and I mean galz, we know I'm all about those words.)


Best future brokers So I'm really not the biggest damn colourpop fan you'll ever find, I seem to always be  plagued by super dry lips, which means that liquid lipsticks that dry to a matte are really just not my jam. But if there's one thing I absolutely adore from this brand (y'know in addition to how confused Americans get about why there is a U in Colour) it's their cream highlights and blushes. I love applying this after foundation just on the apples of my cheeks, it gives a super natural glow to the skin and just increases that dewy effect to the max, but without making me look like Edward Cullen - which in case you are wondering is always a plus.

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watch So I feel like everyone has their go to - and goddammit, this is mine. I was totally late to the party a) because I'm lazy and b) because despite what youtubers will tell you - drawing perfect wings is HARD. But this product seems to just make it pretty effortless, it's a brush nib which gives me so much control over the shape I'm trying to create and the lasting power is incredible (so much that I've committed the cardinal sin of sleeping in my makeup after a few too many G&Ts and my being too busy stuffing my face with cheesy chips and I've woken up with perfect wings...well and terrible morning breath)


go to site So I will wholeheartedly admit that I may have survived on noodles for a week after buying this and hated myself ever so much for spending $45 on one single shadow, but y'know when Sephora has a sale - you gotta do it. I'd been lusting after it for a while after seeing it on Lisa Eldridge and The Anna Edit's youtube channels, and in case you were wondering - it's been worth every penny. It's such a great single shadow for those days when you just cba with makeup or just want to do something really natural and low maintenance. As far as neutral shades go, it's pretty much a must have on my daily face.


site rencontre musulman france I remember the SUPER excited feeling of strolling into my local Priceline (in Australia) and splurging on a NYX soft matte lip cream vault. I bloody love these little things. They have the creamiest and softest finish and the variety of colours is hella great. Of course because I'm me and really why fix what ain't broke? I stick to the mauve pinky shades and god, they're just wonderful little bullets of happiness.

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