My Activewear Essentials So don’t get me wrong, and don’t get too freaked out, things are not about to get all Fitspo over on the blog don’t you worry.

go to site Moving back to The UK, getting back into the gym has been hard, really hard. It’s not as warm, and that means the motivation to actually get off my arse, and down on it again squatting away is really bloody trying and tiring. But one thing is for bloody sure, investing in good quality gym kit makes it so much better. Maybe that makes me super duper fickle and basic, but I literally don’t care. Gym clothes make me damn happy, and that’s okay for me to say.

vais je rencontrer qqn //The Sports Bra//

click So one thing I’ve learnt in my activewear journey is not to skimp, now we all know that I bloody love a bargain, but in activewear – it shows and it’s not a good look. This is paramount when it comes to sports bras, I mean for any of us gals with a little more weight on that side of the body knows that support is important as hell, and you really do get what you pay for. Anytime I’ve gone for a cheaper brand, I’ve felt it lack in support, cut into my shoulders and had to fish down inside for the padding and get it back into place. It’s annoying, and not a good look at all.

follow url pluzz fr rencontres à xv //The Slogan Tee//

enter site So we all know I love a little bit of quirk with my style, and activewear is no exception at all. I love how the high street brands are incorporating so many affordable and cute pieces into their ranges now. This one is from Kmart Australia – But Topshop, H&M, Zara and all the big high street names sell super cute ones for similar prices and are definitely worth checking out!

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enter So leggings are a must have, that’s pretty damn obvious to anyone who has ever exercised ever. You need something high quality, something that isn’t going to ride down every 5 minutes, and something that in my case I could literally live in and never ever take off. Meet the Lulu Lemon Athletica pants. I am seriously not joking around when I say I could live in these things, they are the comfiest damn pants anyone could ever hope to put on their legs and working out in them is just a bloody dream.