The Summer Beauty Wishlist

Forex trade ipad jackal So there's something about updating my makeup stash for summer that just gets me so damn excited. Summer for me is all about lighter bases, floral fragrances and making everything on my face as glowy and dewy as possible - disclaimer - I basically want to look like you could fry an egg on my face at all times and I'm not sorry about it one little bit. So it's no surprise that I'm a massive bloody  fan of L'occitane perfumes, they create some incredible products and their packaging is just to die for. My favourite picks from their summer line up are Terre de Lumiere which has the yummiest notes of honey and almond (WARNING - You will want to eat this as soon as you smell it but maybe don't because I've been advised it doesn't taste quite as lovely as it smells....) sandra bullock is she dating anyone Roses et Reines which combines the usual rosey scent of that type of perfume with Blackcurrant and Citrus to create the most addictive scent (if you meet up with me at all this summer there is a 98% chance I will be SLATHERED in this stuff.) beauty wishlist millie ryan

خيار ثنائي الرأي الروبوت paginas para conocer personas de otro pais *This post was made in collaboration with L'occitane but as always - all thoughts, opinions and shameless lusting after things to stuff in my makeup bag are mine. Here are the rest of the things I simply can't wait to shove all over my face and body this summer permitted that my credit card balance allows it. What products are you lusting after at the moment?

L'OCCITANE ROSES ET REINES PERFUME So as mentioned above I've always been a massive fan of L'occitane. Their handcreams and perfumes have ALWAYS been some of my absolute faves and if I'm ever in need of a beauty related gift for a friend or relative, it's the first place I go. The Roses Et Reines perfume is such a beautiful pick if you're looking for something floral and fruity that isn't too sweet or overpowering. It's wonderfully subtle and just SCREAMS summer at me.


rencontre poligny 39 I've been wanting to fork out on this for absolutely ages, I remember gazing at it in Selfridges about a year ago and yep I finally did it and man oh man am I glad that I did. As stated above we all know I'm a bit of a glow fiend and just can't get enough of anything that glows up my face. This is such a great product to mix in with your usual foundation to amp up the dewy effect of your skin and leave it looking naturally glowy rather than a glitter unicorn.


I really have wanted this for about two years, and I seriously think that this might be the month I finally fork out for it.  Sunday Riley are pretty famous for their incredible face oils and Luna is no exception. It's designed to target dry and damaged skin and help rejuvenate it with some good old life.


Yep we're really going all out with the Rose theme today aren't we? I mean I'm sorry but actually I'm not because summer for me is totally the time to be at one with all of the florals and this hair and body oil is no exception to that rule. I pretty much adore EVERYTHING that Ouai create and I've had my eye on this one for a while. It's just been opened on the waiting list at Cult Beauty so I'd get signed up pronto. It's basically a triple threat oil that you can use on your hair and body to hydrate and protect, and by the sounds of the reviews I've read, it smells DIVINE. Also yes it will definitely compliment my Instagram theme and yes I am the basic AF bitch who will sign up to a waiting list for a hair oil if it will match her insta theme.


I felt like I was pretty much the only gal in the world who didn't adore the original Hoola. I'm pretty pale and tend to keep tanning on the minimal side, so every time that I tried it, it just seemed to look like mud on my face. But Hoola light has arrived and literally showed me the hype I'd been missing all along. I've swatched this a few times in store and it's just beautiful, it has the most velvet like texture and the colour is such a perfect match for any other pale princesses out there.


It's not just me who seems to realise that Bella Freud basically bosses everything she touches right? She's been one of my style icons for a good long while and she's pretty much just goals all around. I spotted this candle she designed while browsing Net A Porter the other week and with my moving into a new flat next week, I think this one is just going to have to live on my bedside table. It's filled with Amber, Iris and Elemi and is supposed to be the perfect warming summer nights candle. Plus the 'Night Music' tag line is totally up my alley.


*A massive thank you to L'occitane for sponsoring today's post. If you want to go check out their summer fragrances (which you seriously should because they are incredible, you can via this link)