The £10 Aquazurra Christie Dupes I’m kind of obsessed with.

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follow link OH HI GUYS. What a weekend, if you don't follow me on social media, (then like lol what are you doing, I'm bloody hilarious on Instagram stories don't you know?) I spent the weekend in Leeds with two of y'know MY FAVE PEOPLE EVER, Rhianna and Joe, and like if you don't follow their blogs then tbh I really don't know what you've been doing.

These shots were snapped by Rhi in the cutest little park area in the city centre, there's nothing I love more than finding a cute little spot that y'know not only fits your aesthetic but is also FLORAL and CUTE and EVERYTHING.

leute kennenlernen owl And despite the sunny vibes here, yes it was freezing, hence my jumper, and btw I am HERE FOR ALL OF THE AUTUMN VIBES. Maybe it's because I've spent the last four UK autumns sweating it out in Australia, maybe it's because I just really like Pumpkin Spice, I mean you'll never know. But anyway, let's talk about the shoes guys.

archimede a rencontre christophe colomb I mean everyone knows I love the Aquazurra Christies, they've only been on my Net A Porter wishlist for absolutely forever and they kinda just resemble all around goals when it comes to shoes that are fancy enough to dress up a casual outfit but comfy enough to not want to make me cry after wearing them all day. And I mean, that's all I want in a shoe tbh. Sadly the price tag has meant they've stayed on the wishlist and out of my wardrobe for now, can anyone hold me while I sob pls? Thanks bb. But in a good old ASOS post payday shop the other day I spotted these beauties from RAID. Now Raid is a brand I'd seen hopping around my ASOS saved items a few times, but hadn't quite made it to the checkout just yet. They do the most fab selection of trendy flats, with a hell of a lot of affordable designer dupes, (Gucci Red Loafers included, are you screaming? I'm screaming.) Anyhoo, I spotted these and they kind of just had to be mine. I mean yes, a £10.50 dupe for the Aquazurra Christie KIND of sounded too good to be true, but I'm a gal that has a lot of unrealistic dreams, I actually think it's possible to find a boy that isn't a fuckboy on Tinder, and I think that the calories don't count if you drink them. (lol I'm looking at you Pumpkin Spice Latte.) And GUYS, I'm kind of in love. They have a slight snake skin texture, and the sole and heel are a tan, obvious price cutting tactics next to the Christie's iconic black leather and metal hardware. But I mean, for £10? I seriously don't care, they are also actually comfortable, you know like I can walk in them and stuff and I don't feel like I'm being squeezed into a shoe filled with knives, which y'know is always a delight.

click Anyway, what are you doing? FLY. SPEND. SAVE. LOOK CUTE.

Happy Tuesday folks