The Apps I Use As A Blogger

Was there ever a more precise picture of me in my natural habitat? Leant up against a pastel wall and shock horror phone in my hand, scrolling away.

Let’s face it, having a full time gig, blogging on the side and well staying organised is one tough gig, I know everyone has their own techniques, apps, softwares and methods when it comes to managing it all together, but as much as anyone who knows me will tell you just how much I am an old school pen and paper gal through and through. I’ve gotta face the music – Apps make my life so much bloody easier.

Blogging three times a week, daily pinning, daily tweeting, scheduling tweets, planning out my grid, interacting on Twitter and Insta, to be honest, it’s enough to drive a gal nuts. Apps are a massive part of how I handle it and hold down a pretty stressful job.

I honestly adore these posts, every time I read a new one I seem to find out about this new revolutionary way to organise my posts, get inspired or just at least feel like I’m getting my shit together. (hey, kinda right?) So here is a little insight into my phone, and the things I use to make me feel like I’m kind of on top of things.. KIND of anyway.

So I hope you like these picks.



opicione binarie UNUM / PLANOLY

I remember the good old days when we could plan out our grid straight from editing in VSCO, but sadly the app stopped us doing that (argh literally still so angry), but good news, developers saw the opportunity and leapt on it pretty much straightaway. My favourites that I go back to time and time again are Unum and Planoly. Both of these picks give you great analytics too which is why they are such good picks at a time where loads of us are swapping from a business to personal insta to try and maximise our reach and interaction.

get link BUFFER

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without Buffer, it’s a Twitter scheduler, with the best interface and a whole load of useful analytics that really helps you see what tweets are getting the most interaction / clicks so you can customise your content based on this. It’s also really useful for knowing timezones and optimal posting tools, I tend to flick between the AU and UK time zones optimising tool because my audience is pretty much a 50/50 split between these two places.

follow site BIT LY

You can of course use from the app and the desktop version, which is one of the reasons it’s so damn good. I don’t tend to use it alongside Buffer because Buffer already shortens my links and also has useful tracking stats, but it’s super useful for using with certain affiliate links or links to your content from 3rd party sites or social media networks so you can accurately see where your traffic is coming from specifically. Link shortener AND analytics? I’m all over it.

solteros sin compromiso ANALYTICS

There’s a reason that google analytics stats are the only ones that most PRs will accept, they are just quite simply the most accurate ones. If you’re wanting to track where your audience is coming from, how they found your blog, how long they stick around for and how often they come back, you simply need to be paying attention. I love that they have an iphone app too, it just makes it follow link SO easy to check your reach at any given time on the go! FOLLOWERS

With the constant follow / unfollow drama on instagram lately (and yes we see you doing it three times a day hun, please stop) – Followers is an app that really exposed me to the drama of it all. Basically it will tell you who has unfollowed you that day, who has followed you, who you are following that is not following back etc. It’s a must have tool at this point in the game to see what bloggers are being shady and which aren’t.


morgue and asia ray dating FACETUNE

Facetune is such a game changer for making your images look generally cleaner, I tend to keep things pretty simple and only hover around the smooth and whiten tools, but anyone wanting consistency in their photos, it’s the easiest way to brighten up your images at a touch.

enter site VSCO

VSCO messed everything up and stopped us being able to plan out our grid I’m not gonna lie I was heartbroken AF. But here we are and I can’t deny that it still has some of the best editing capabilities on the market. All the filters, and little editing tools are incredible for an app that’s free, I honestly think with enough time and research you can create stuff that is photoshop esque and tbh I’d be lost without it.

source site A COLOUR STORY

A Colour Story is another one of my favourite photo editing apps, it’s best for when you want your photos to be a little more colourful and not so white and clear. It’s made by the powerhouse sisters behind ‘A Beautiful Mess’ aka the best creative blog on the damn planet and it’s full of so many cool features! Between this and VSCO you’re pretty much set. PHONTO

Phonto is one of those that is really great on the go, it’s a wonderful app for inserting little text captions over your photos, I don’t tend to enjoy using all that many of these photos on my actual blog, but they perform REALLY well on Twitter and especially Pinterest. You can use a variety of fonts and really just get creative with it.



I’ll be honest, I’m still kinda mad at Bloglovin RE the whole frame issue. I know people say it can be a good traffic source, but I’ve just never seen it. I’ve gone back to using Bloglovin simply as an inspiration tool, it’s good to keep me upto date with my favourite blogs, saving inspiring posts and just generally feeling motivated and getting in the mood to create. I love the app and it’s so useful to get to read all my favourite posts on the way to work.

click here EVERNOTE

God Evernote is the best. I’m an old school stationery addict through and through, but for those moments where the height of inspiration hits you when you’re sitting on the tube, or when your favourite notebook is nestled at the bottom of your bag and you don’t feel like pulling it out, Evernote is a bloody godsend. I love having several notebooks on the go, one for potential blog posts, one for a definite schedule and one for SEO strategy and other marketing jazz.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’m always on the hunt for new apps and I would love to hear from you if you’ve gotta any other good ones to check out!