The Podcast Picks You Need To Download OH HAI

site de rencontre gratuit 34 It's your girl Millie, hitting you with the content train again. If you haven't noticed, I've been putting like 1043647% more effort into actually putting consistent content out there for you guys, and I mean what can I say, I'm feeling pretty damn snazzy about it. So in terms of what you can expect going forward from me on ze old blog, well here's a run down. Content is coming at you FOUR times a week, that's right four, AKA almost how many fingers you have on your hand, and how many chocolate fingers you should eat at any given time (LOL JK the answer is obviously all of them (insert Lindsay Lohan The Limit Does Not Exist GIF.)

go to site Blog posts will be coming at you on Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays, and Youtube Videos will be hitting you on Sundays at 9am GMT. Well you might have to take all this with a pinch of salt though, I mean I'm gonna try my best but working full time, and blogging, and y'know, attempting to have a life, will hit me at some times. BUT HEY I'M TRYING. Oh Podcasts, tbh I don't even know what my commute was before you. Youdabest.

Buy Cialis 25 mg in Costa Mesa California I was converted about 3 years ago by an ex who turned me onto Serial, and let's just say it's revolutionised my commutes in a way that I can't even fully fathom. The content creators who specialise in podcasts amaze me with the quality of their work on a daily basis and of the ones that I loyally follow, I'm constantly downloading as fast as I can. Podcasts are a perfect way for me to keep up with the less mainstream types of content that I LOVE. Things I don't generally turn to the Blogosphere for, true crime, politics, mental health and short stories being fab examples. So without further adew, here is a little old list of my favourite podcasts ever and the ones that you pretty much NEED in your life.


click here So this is a recent one after Katie Snooks recommended it on a recent True Crime podcast post that she did. If ya didn't know I'm basically a big old fan of everything and anything to do with True Crime, let's call it one of my main loves. (y'know only slight trumped by burgers and a lifetime supply of custard creams.) The reason I love this one QUITE so much is that it's not your typical true crime podcast, I kind of just fell in love with the format from episode 1 and it's such a bloody corker. It's two naturally funny, female comedians who just HAPPEN to have an intense shared love for true crime, murders and mysteries. They sit down, natter on about their faves, crack jokes and it just adds an uplifting twist to a usually gritty subject.


get link I mean I knew from episode one that this was going to be one of my fave comedy podcasts basically ever. I've always been a massive fan of Anna's work, she's just a really naturally funny human who brings a personal flair to everything that she does. Unqualified sees her sit down at her kitchen table with other celebs / comedians / actors / directors and they just talk life, careers, sex, drugs and pretty much anything and everything you can imagine. You can expect to hear some AWESOME names on this one, everything from a Parks and Rec reunion to TJ Miller and it's always a way to cheer up my commute.


So I just fell in love with the concept of Lore. I love a good spooky story, and pretty much anything creepy has my name all over it. IS IT HALLOWEEN YET? Lore is a podcast that shares a story each episode, usually inspired by a particular historical character and time and place in history. Everything from Jack the Ripper to Hungarian princesses who just really like torturing people. For something out of the ordinary, and a good dose of inspiration for fellow writers, this is one to check out.


So I've always loved the format of this podcast. Deborah Kilgariff sat down and chatting about feminism and the struggles that we face with it has always been mesmerising, fascinating and just a damn good listen. But I kind of had my love for it completely and utterly renewed when I was lucky enough to nab a ticket to see a live recording at Edinburgh Fringe this year. It's a lighthearted look at the issues us women deal with on a daily basis, the nature of feminism, internalised misogyny, and people's reactions to it.


OH GOD I COULD NOT LOVE THIS ONE ANY MORE. I've always been a massive fan of the Modern Love column in the NY Times. If you're not familiar, anyone is free to submit a short essay on a form of love for publication in the new york times (what a honour, am I right?) This podcast sees some of the more popular ones recited by some of your favourite actors and then has the writer interviewed so we can hear a little more about the situation that inspired the piece. It's a massive source of inspiration for me when I feel like I'm in a writing slump and it's just a really enlightening look into stories from people around the globe.


So this is the one that ignited my love for podcasts and it just has to be on the list because IT'S JUST SO GOOD. If you haven't listened to Serial, you are missing out. It sees journalist Sarah Koenig pick up a cold case and in eight episodes examine different aspects of the case, trying to decide if a muslim teenager who has been convicted of murdering his girlfriend 12 years ago, really was guilty. It's mesmerising, captivating, and just might leave you with more questions than answers.


So I originally started listening to the Five Thirty Eight podcast during last year's US election, but I kept up with it and I'm so glad I did. It's educated me SO much about the US political system, how things like primaries, caucuses and the electoral roll work and has just been a great insight into a political system that isn't ours. The team that present it make a data driven show their primary concern, so all facts are based on polls and it's all very statistic heavy, which is a breath of fresh air in today's political news sphere.