The Seven Coolest Berets on The Internet Right Now

Millie Ryan Berets to shop right now
Photography by Kaye Ford OH HI GANG

here Christmas is done. I had a bit of a social media break over the festive period this year and it felt SO DAMN GOOD. Also I'm currently recovering from a self induced pigs in blankets coma so there is a 72% chance this blog post won't make a whole lotta sense but LETS DO IT ANYWAY SHALL WE eh? So berets are kinda having a moment aren't they?

speed dating biloxi It just takes one glance down a tube escalator to see approximately 27 or so little acorns atop the beret staring back at you to see that well yep they're kinda the hat that everyone is after and you know what kids, I can't blame ya.

see Berets have to be one of my favourite hat choices when the cooler temperatures hit us, as I just think they add a lovely parisian vibe to an outfit, they look incredible on top of loose waves for a oh so casual 'yep babes I literally just threw this on' touch, and also being such a classic staple, means that the customisation and options for what you can do to them is pretty much endless. I've pretty much been LIVING in my berets this year and so without further adieu, here are the nine coolest berets on the internet RN that you kinda, sorta, might have to add to your wishlist right now.

berets sale wishlist

go here 1. La Redoute 

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