The Skincare I’m Actually Putting on My Face This Winter


subject line online dating email Happy Sunday pals, it's bloody freezing, I mean literal snow is falling from the sky and I think that the whole of London may be permanently stuck inside some sort of ice cube, this weather basically makes me want to sit at home, cuddle up in jumpers and blankets, drink endless cups of coffee and tea and stick Gilmore Girls on because that show kind of just stirs up a lot of cosy, winter feelings and bathe my skin in the richest truckload of moisture a gal can find because the winter winds are whipping my beret off and attacking my face all at the same time. Winter also I'm learning makes me just not want to date, mostly because it's cold and I really can't be arsed to tackle the outdoors and engage in conversation with a guy that will most likely end up to be pathologically insane (because who actually leaves the house in winter if it's not to go to Starbucks just because you can't be arsed to pay for a whole day of central heating?) and I mean we all know that dating when it's not accompanied by the buzz of a glass of Prosecco is a terrible thing. 

site de rencontres pour cavaliers Since going back on the pill I seem to have hit a happy medium with my skin and my acne is not taking over my life quite as much, which is a bloody great way to feel. My skin is feeling glowy, hydrated and I feel like my current routine is working for me and my dehydrated, dry, congested skin. So if you're after some new products to try out and inject some hydration into your life / skin then keep on reading. 


une rencontre ugc villeneuve d'ascq So this one I'd been lusting after for a while after it seemed like approximately 92% of the blogging world was obsessed with it, and it's firmly become one of my skincare staples. It works GREAT as a first cleanser (we all know I'm a humble worshipper at the aisle of the priestess that is Caroline Hirons and take her advice pretty damn seriously.) It has a jelly like consistency (lol I know right Mills, what a shocker!?) and I generally gently massage it into my skin after removing my makeup and follow it up with another cleanser and a toner. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and slightly plumper. 


This is a daily addition that I'm LOVING right now, it's a light moisturiser that works as a perfect accompaniment to makeup. It leaves my skin hydrated and happy, without making it greasy and preps my makeup before a day of caking it up perfectly. I know they also offer a rich one, specifically for drier skin types and I can't WAIT to try that and it's next on my list for my next pay day. 

ORIGINS DRINK UP INTENSIVE OVERNIGHT MASK I don't know how to express my love for the godly substance in this tube but it leaves my face more hydrated than anything and it also smells like mangoes, MANGOES. It's quite simply the most beautifully dense, and gorgeous formula that my skin practically just eats up and I just love this stuff quite possibly more than I've ever loved any man. I mean I've been using it for like 6 years, so it's actually way more consistent than a relationship, I can't commit to a boyfriend, but you're damn right I can commit to a good night cream. 


binäre option beste strategie So I'm not a scientist, and basically have zero idea how this stuff does what it does, but it is a magic potion in a bottle for target spotting breakouts and congested skin and I JUST LOVE IT. Other bloggers have been swearing by this stuff for an AGE, and I have to say, it's 100% as good as they say it is. 


go here So this is probably the most price effective hylauronic acid on the market and it's a damn good one, it's enhanced with B5 for efficiency and is an oil free formula, meaning it's less likely to break you out. I quite simply CAN'T recommend it enough. 

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here So now for some more body care related skincare bits, because in winter it's obv not just my face that gets dry, I tend to tan less in winter just because the prep involbed in getting my skin to be exfoliated and moisturised is so damn hard, but these are the bits that I use to make sure I'm upto scratch and keeping everything nice and hydrated and you know, not like a sheet of sandpaper. 


follow link This stuff is pure magic, it works wonders on cuticles but is equally great on all dry patches, it's a MUST for me when I'm tanning on those tricky spots like elbows and knees. It's basically a super dense and heavy cream with an almost butter like consistency that will smooth even the driest of skin patches. 


fare previsioni trading Okay is it just me or are the lips of absolutely everyone as dry as the Sahara desert right now? My all time faves are the Glossier balm dot com and a bit of Carmex never goes amiss but Paw Paw Ointment has become a new fave of mine and is SO good at keeping my lips hydrated through the cold winter months. 


I literally use this stuff everyday, and that's not an over exaggeration, it's a coconut oil and sugar formula (and the popcorn smell is heavenly beyond belief oh my goodness) and is the best thing you can do before going in bed so your lips and prepped and ready for the Monday morning grind of lipstick and don't get dried out. I'd honestly be lost without it. 


So that's it from me kids, and those are the products actually making it onto my face this winter, have a happy Sunday pals and don't forget to sign up to my newsletter if you haven't already!