The Tinder Date Question All Bloggers Dread  

OH Hiiiiiii it's me again back from the blogging grave.

inderal 20 mg tablets I know, I said I'd be better, sob sob I lied.

cheap xenical orlistat Well I do kind of have an excuse in that I've just moved into a new flat and I'm still getting everything sorted and we don't even have internet yet - I'M SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

benadryl antihistamine price philippines Okay now you're here, let's talk about the one question I bloody can't stand on Tinder dates.

Oh Tinder dates, they're easy to spot.

I feel like every London neighbourhood has a selection of bars that the locals refer to as 'prime Tinder date spots.' Of course the prime ones I've been taken to would be Firefly, Little Bar, Brick and Liquor and The Castle (in case you were wondering, yup I'm so South London that it actually hurts.) 

You've shaved your legs, waxed down there and you're looking fit as fuck and feeling like the confident gal you are, really just sitting there and awkwardly selling yourself over a £4.80 pint. Then of course that question comes up.

"So...what do you do for work exactly?"

No question will strike as much fear, awkwardness and sass into the mind of any blogger, I go in with pitchforks blazing, ready to defend the fact that yes, I make a portion of my income from social media. Well you know, sassy and defensive but also trying to be cute and "HEY DON'T YOU WANT TO DATE ME?"

And let's just say, it's never been an easy task.

Let's talk about Joe, Joe was attractive as fuck - totally my type, had a great career, he was educated, witty, smart, owned his flat in Balham, lived a 10 minute walk from me, liked debating politics and basically just ticked every single box on paper. Plus he was Scottish, anyone that has ever gotten drunk with me knows exactly what a Scottish or Northern accent will do to me. We hadn't actually even gotten to that elusive question when all of a sudden he pops out: "Yeah so the other day I was browsing through Instagram and saw some bloggers posting Insta-stories from a hipster Cafe in Shoreditch. I mean can you believe some people think Blogging is a job?"

So that's where it gets real awkward. Sure, blogging isn't my full time job,  but I do make money from my content and of course I dream about the day I can make this life my primary source of income. At the moment I look at it like a very time consuming part time job I'm hella passionate about. I spend countless hours researching content ideas, promoting content, researching SEO and hashtag optimisation. I've taught myself how to use my camera on manual and perfect ISO and aperture, I've taught myself how to use Photoshop, Lightroom and Indesign to create graphics. I've taught myself how to code in HTML, CSS, Javascript and WordPress so I can make minor tweaks to my design when needed. I've invested £££ in my blog design, in social media schedulers, professional photographers and web designers, and now I'm at a follower count I'm proud of and I'm getting more and more paid opportunities for my blog, I know it's money well spent.


And most importantly, I'm bloody proud of it.


I literally get SUCH a buzz out of creating personable and relatable content that you guys love engaging with, it gives me such a rush and so trying to explain all of the above to a total stranger without getting all ranty and preachy and also kinda being like 'Hey aren't I cute - wanna make out?' - yeah it's a task.


The last relationship I was in, I actually waited a while before exposing this whole world to him, and let's just say it was always a barrier in our relationship, he was an extremely private person and y'know I'm the gal who will literally share private details about orgasms and depression with total strangers on the internet, so yeah there's that. I actually waited so long that he already knew by the time I told him, he had reverse image searched my Tinder photos and came across my youtube channel and watched all of my makeup vids - what a champ eh? I hope the contour knowledge he gained from dating me will stay in his mind forever. DON'T FORGET TO BLEND IT UNNAMED BOY.



For some men, learning that they are dating someone who makes a living from sharing intimate details of their life with the web is always going to be an issue. That being said, I love blogging, I love creating content, I love working with brands to create authentic content that I still know you guys will love, and I would never change that.  And let's just say that despite being back on the dating game for only a month, I've had every reaction under the sun to trying to explain to boys what a blogger / influencer actually is.... "So you're a model?"
Rispifferati raggiungimentoò-fidare contingentismi osmanlio? "No I'm not a model."
enter "But you want to be a model? I think you'd be a great model, man I'd love to say I'm dating a model."
see "Errrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

So let's just say this one actually makes me shudder inside. No I am not a model, no I do not want to be a model. As much as I completely respect modelling as a career and area, it's never one that's particularly appealed to me, I've never claimed to be the next Claudia Schiffer, and as much as I love a good candid - we all know this place is all about the words.

allgemeiner anzeiger erfurt bekanntschaften "So I mean how do you make money from that?.... You know that can't last forever right?"

Do you really want me to explain to you how affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and instagrams #ad works? Or y'know are you just being a dick? "I mean let's be honest it's a hobby, you'll never buy a house with a hobby."

Hey Sam, thanks for your input really. I mean it's great having mortgage rates explained to me by someone who was put through Oxford by his millionaire father is v. beneficial, but y'know can you please shush? Also don't take a gym selfie ever again. "Cool. I started a blog for my English class in year 11 where I'd write down what books I was reading."

This one I seem to be getting more and more? Unfortunately there seem to be so many people who think blogging is the easiest task in the damn world. And yes, to an extent - it's an easy task to buy a domain, create a wordpress account and just start sprouting words, but few people who don't understand the blogging world seem to appreciate that building up a brand and an audience is a little bit more of a refined task.

Ciò è particolarmente vero nel caso in cui lo stoppino sostituisce la lunghezza del corpo della candela stesso o se lo "So you just take pictures of yourself and put them on the internet? Isn't that a bit narcissistic?"

OH THIS ONE IS MY FAVE. Especially as it came from an actual actor.

Yes I take pictures of myself and put them on the internet, yes I know just what lighting to use to take a damn good selfie, yes I know what my good sides and angles are, and no soz, I won't let you judge me for it.























see url "People actually pay you for this!?"

Yes Duncan, yes they do. Because it's a damn job.

Anyway my little rant about the stereotypes that people you're dating have about bloggers is over now. If you're a blogger, I would love to know what some people have said to you about the profession! Share in the comments below if you feel because summer has kind of disappeared and it's rainy and c'mon cheer a gal up.

Photography by the incredible Kaye Ford.